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PRE-ORDER: FutureBit Apollo 200W Power Supply - Shipping July

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Pre-Orders for APU-200W are expected to ship in the second half of July


The FutureBit APU-200W is a standalone highly efficient power supply we designed in house for the FutureBit Apollo!

We realized there was no good sub 300W power supply that was quiet, small, and could power a single Apollo on the market so we went to the drawing board! We developed the smallest 200W brick style power supply we could find, using 93% platinum rated efficient components. 

The  APU-200W is equipped with a standard C14 computer plug as an input and works on most 90-240v AC inputs. Output is at 12v using high current 16 gauge wires with a 6 Pin PCIE connector that can drive a single Apollo unit up to Turbo Mode*. 

The Power Supply ships with a C14 power plug for USA market. For international customers you will need to provide your own power cord/adapter.  


Type 200W
Input voltage 80 V AC to 264 V AC
Input current (maximum) 1.8 A/115V AC 1A/230V AC
Input frequency 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Output current 16.7 A 
Rated output voltage 12.5 V +/– 2%
Temperature range (Operating) 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)


Please note images are pre-production version and subject to change. 

*200W is the MAXIMUM output of this PSU. Do not attempt to run more than one Apollo, or run an Apollo using custom settings that draws more than 200W. The Power Supply is rated to power a FutureBit Apollo in ECO or BALANCED modes. TURBO mode is at your own risk.