Pre-Order: Apollo II - Next Generation Desktop Full Node System and Home Miner - Ships in 8-12 Weeks

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Node SSD Drive Size 1 TB SSD
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Introducing Apollo II

Limited number of units now available. Most new orders should ship within 8 weeks or sooner!

We have been building this product for nearly a decade at FutureBit, and are proud to announce the biggest breakthrough in home mining, and a forward leap for self sovereign tools and decentralization of the Bitcoin network. 

When Bitcoin was first released to the world, everything needed for an individual to run the whole system was included in that early software. A wallet for transactions, a full node verifying and broadcasting those transactions, and a miner securing the network with your own CPU. 

Over the last decade centralized forces have changed this. Wallets are now on centralized exchanges, almost no one runs a full node and rely on centralized servers, and mining has been delegated to large corporate server farms. 

For the first time the FutureBit Apollo II finally re-combines all three aspects of the Bitcoin ecosystem in a small, efficient, desktop device anyone can easily run with just wifi and a 120v AC outlet!

  • Latest Generation 5nm hash unit capable of 6-10TH/s mining performance*
  • Modern 6 Core ARM based linux desktop system, capable of installing any Bitcoin wallet or using any Bitcoin hardware wallet
  • 1 or 2 TB Fast NVMe SSD that automatically starts syncing a full Bitcoin node 
  • Ships with a FutureBit Satscard wallet, so you can easily get a BTC address and mine directly to it!
  • Apollo OS 2.0 with Solo Pool built right in!
  • 450 Watt Integrated 100-240V Power Supply

The Apollo II has been redesigned from the ground up, starting with a high grade single piece aluminum case in a stunning new desktop design. This encases our new 5nm ASIC silicon that is cooled by our custom made vapor chamber heatsink design capable of dissipating twice the output power of our Gen 1 Apollo, all while keeping the same quiet noise levels in Eco mode*. 

Almost four times the hashrate, twice the efficiency, and nearly three times hashrate per dollar means industry leading metrics for a plug and play 120v home miner. 

The best part? You can now launch your own startum solo pool with just a toggle of the UI. Solo mine to your own node, or point any other Bitcoin miner too it and increase your chances of a solo block!**

 Its time we the people take back control of Bitcoin.


In the Box: 

  • Apollo II Full Node with 1TB SSD (2TB Optional)
  • FutureBit Satscard Miner Hardware Wallet
  • 6ft C13 to Nema 15P Power Cable
  • Getting Started Card

 *+/- 10% Power ratings are at the board level. Eco mode is tuned for ~ 6TH/s performance, and Turbo for ~9TH/s. 10+ TH/s is achievable with custom settings but with much higher noise levels and thermal stress on the system. The Apollo II is quiet under Eco mode (under 40 decibles), but is much louder in Turbo mode ( about 55 decibels )


Legal Disclaimer for Solo Mining with Apollo II:

The Apollo II offers enhanced features for solo mining, including the ability to launch your own Stratum solo pool with a simple toggle in the user interface. While these features are designed for ease of use and efficiency, solo mining inherently carries certain risks that users must be aware of. Specifically, the process of solo mining is sensitive to network conditions. Factors such as Bitcoin network congestion, network latency and upload speeds can impact the successful submission of a solo block to the Bitcoin network.

Due to the decentralized and competitive nature of the Bitcoin network, a block mined by the user may be orphaned and not accepted by the network, especially in cases of high network latency or suboptimal connection speeds. While FutureBit has engineered the Apollo II to minimize such risks at a device level, the outcome of solo mining activities is influenced by factors beyond our control.

By using the Apollo II for solo mining, users acknowledge and accept that FutureBit is not responsible for any lost or orphaned solo blocks that may occur as a result of hardware issues, software issues, network conditions including but not limited to latency and connection stability. FutureBit disclaims any liability for losses or damages resulting from solo mining activities. Users engage in solo mining at their own risk and are advised to ensure a high-speed, stable Ethernet connection for optimal performance.


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