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The FutureBit APU-200W is a standalone highly efficient power supply we designed in house for the FutureBit Apollo!

We realized there was no good sub 300W power supply that was quiet, small, and could power a single Apollo on the market so we went to the drawing board! We developed the smallest 200W brick style power supply we could find, using 93% platinum rated efficient components. 

The  APU-200W is equipped with a standard C14 computer plug as an input and works on most 90-240v AC inputs. Output is at 12v using high current 16 gauge wires with a 6 Pin PCIE connector that can drive a single Apollo unit up to Turbo Mode*. 



Type 200W
Input voltage 80 V AC to 264 V AC
Input current (maximum) 1.8 A/115V AC 1A/230V AC
Input frequency 47 Hz to 63 Hz
Output current 16.7 A 
Rated output voltage 12.5 V +/– 2%
Temperature range (Operating) 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)


Please note images are pre-production version and subject to change. 

*200W is the MAXIMUM output of this PSU. Do not attempt to run more than one Apollo, or run an Apollo using custom settings that draws more than 200W.