Replacement Fan for Apollo BTC

Regular price $19.99

Stock replacement Fan for all Apollo BTC units. Fan is compatible with all Batches as well as Full Node and Standard units. 


  • 92x25mm
  • 1.5-4k RPM
  • 12v
  • 4 PIN PWM Standard Fan Connector 


Replacement Instructions:

Fan is user replaceable. Case cover must be removed before replacement. Cover is removed by unscrewing the 7 screws on each side panel. For full node units you will also need to remove the two bottom controller boards before removing the middle panel. Boards are held in place by two screws on the bottom lip of the case. Be careful not to damage the ribbon cable attaching the two boards. Once middle panel is removed fan is held down on the thermal assembly by 4 screws. Remove and unplug fan from board socket to replace. 

Do NOT over tighten screws holding down fan after replacement, this could damage the board below the heatsink if screwed in too far.