Apollo LTC Pod ASIC Miner and Full Litecoin Node for Scrypt Algorithm Cryptocurrencies - Batch 3 - SOLD OUT

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Apollo LTC is currently not in production due to ASIC shortages. We do not plan to resume production until at least the end of the year, so please do not contact or email support about pre-orders, stock status etc. Our Apollo BTC is our only product currently in production more info below:

PRE-ORDER: Apollo BTC - A Bitcoin ASIC Miner and Desktop Class Computer running a Full Node and Much More! - Batch 1 - Ships in Late April to May


Please note that all versions now ship with an SD card installed with the latest version of the Apollo Full Node OS. Running a Full node still requires a separate USB drive with instructions to setup linked in our support thread below, or you can purchase the Full Node Package which comes with everything needed to run a Full Node and Mine out of the box. 

New customers check out our Batch 1+2 community and customer reception, and awesome independent youtube review below!



Introducing the FutureBit Apollo.

Miner + Full Litecoin Node*

FutureBit Apollo is the world's first vertically integrated platform brining the full power of the blockchain and it’s mining infrastructure in a small, quiet, easy to use desktop device designed for everyday people. 

We now live in a crypto world where almost all the ASIC mining, and a majority of Blockchain services, are all moving to centralized farms and online services. We are trying to preserve the original vision of technology where consumers, not centralized entities and corporations, are in control of their own crypto and the infrastructure that runs it. 

The FutureBit Apollo, with its ability to run a Full Node and mine Crypto at the same time, is our answer to this problem. 

The Apollo project is the culmination of years of engineering we have learned with our Moonlander platform, and was designed from the ground up to be a Full Node and Miner anyone can run easily on their desktop at home or office. Apollo has its own integrated ARM based quad core controller, requiring no external computer to run, and can be managed over a simple wifi connection!** The power of this integrated platform will allow us to deliver even more services directly controlled by users, like support for basic wallet functionality, solo mining on the device itself, and support for the Lightning Network.

The miner is cooled by a custom designed cold-forged aluminum pin heatsink delivering extreme cooling capabilities with very low fan speed. This allows the quietest performance of any ASIC miner currently in production in ECO mode***, and is the first time miners can run a powerful unit in their home and still be able to compete with large farm miners. 

Thanks to its integrated controller, the FutureBit Apollo is ready to run out of the box and can be setup in a few minutes. Once connected to your local network via wifi or ethernet, you simply point any desktop or mobile web browser to the miners address, and setup, pool configuration, and miner options are easily configured through an easy to use web interface. You can also easily view the status of the Full Litecoin Node running in the background and helping be a small peice of the infrastrucure that runs Litecoin itself!

We spared no expense in designing a miner that is different, and the highest quality available in a world of expendable and quickly cycled miners. The large range of operation the Apollo offers will keep it profitable for a very long time, and this platform is built with upgradability in mind. Our future miners will be based on the same size/plateform and all fans/heatsinks/controllers can be reused with a simple board upgrade. We are also super proud to announced that the miner is 100% fabricated, assembled, and shipped from the USA!


  • Compact Stand-alone Pod Style Miner (4x6x4in) that mines any scrypt based algorithm coin (Litecoin, Digibyte, Verge, Einsteinium, Gulden, etc)
  • Runs a Full Litecoin Node directly on the device*
  • Very wide range of operation modes with preset ECO (quiet) mode, BALANCED, and TURBO mode. 
  • 100-135+ MH/s of Scrypt performance per miner (+/- 5%)
  • Industry leading 1W/MH in ECO mode, and 1.4W/MH for TURBO (100-200 watts**** +/- 10%)
  • Powered by a fully integrated Quad-Core A7 ARM based controller
  • First miner to be fully controlled over wifi, only cable needed is power! (this will be a Beta feature on launch..backup ethernet port is available as well). 
  • Clocks and Voltage is fully customizable by user with easy to use interface (no more pots!)
  • Industry leading 97% efficiency 12v power-stage, with 27 ASIC chips powered in a 3x9 parallel/serial power arrangement  
  • Custom designed cold forged hexagonal pin heatsink with leading thermal performance for the quietest ASIC miner in operation!
  • 2k-6k PWM High Static Pressure Dual Ball Bearing Fan with automatic thermal management with onboard temperature sensor
  • Controlled via local connection on a web browser similar to antminers. You can simply set it up via smartphone browser. No crazy driver installs, hard to use miner software or scripts needed.
  • Two Six Pin PCIE power connectors for wide-range of power draw (only one is needed in ECO mode)
  • Custom Designed all Aluminum case
  • Now comes with its own optional PSU and is ready to run out of the box with the PSU+SD Card option!
  • New future platform features including full-node/peer to peer fully decentralize mining, full stand-alone solo mining, cloud/app based controls, and more in development. 


  • At least a 250 watt 12v power supply with two 6 Pin PCIE connector is required (unless you order the option with our new stand alone FutureBit 200W power supply). This is the same connector used by all modern GPUs. 
  • Router with an Ethernet cable for initial setup

Please join our discussion at bitcointalk here for more info and updates!


*Full Node functional requires purchase of our Full Node Package, or you can set up your own USB Drive detailed in the support thread above. 

**wifi feature is currently in beta, and can not guarantee it will work with every router. An ethernet port is included with the unit as backup.

***Quiet operation is only available in ECO mode, manual speed changes or TURBO mode will significantly increase the fan RPM/Noise

****all power efficiencies posted are the miners 12v power consumption. Due to the wide range of  third party 120-240v power supplies that can be used, your efficiency will be slightly less depending on how efficient your PSU is. 


International Customers: Please note that price does NOT include import fees/taxes. Your are SOLEY responsible for all customs duties and fees, so check with your local laws if our product will be subject to customs duties and fees before ordering.