Apollo LTC Full Node Upgrade Kit

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Both Batch 1 and Batch 2 Kits are back in stock and ship within 1-2 business days. 

Instructions for install are here: Official FutureBit Apollo LTC Image and Support thread 



This is a plug and play upgrade kit for Apollo users seeking to quickly upgrade their Apollo LTC devices with Full Node functionality. This will allow your device to run a Full Litecoin Node in the background, at the same time it is mining. It includes everything you need to get started, including an updated industrial SD card, and a required USB drive to run the Full Node. 

Due to the increased requirements for running a Full Node during its development over the last year, we found out that we needed to offload the whole blockchain to an external USB drive that plugs in the back of the USB port on your Apollo, and Batch 1 Units need an MCU upgrade due to insufficient RAM on Batch 1 units. (if you return your old MCU, you will be refunded $10) *

Running a full node is the largest and most important step in our vision to enable the full power of the crypto blockchain to everyday users. This will allow Litecoin to be one of the most decentralized cryptos, by enabling thousands of Apollo devices to run as full node (there are less than two thousand nodes currently running the Litecoin network). Future updates will bring Solo Mining directly on the Apollo, Basic Wallet support, and more!

To find out more about this exciting update please follow our support post here: 

Official FutureBit Apollo LTC Image and Support thread 

Please make sure you select the correct kit for your Batch number. Batch 1 devices have acrylic side panels and are all black, Batch 2 come with the all aluminum case and are dark gray. 

Batch 2 Upgrade Kit:

  • Industrial SD card better suited to running an OS and less likely to corrupt, pre-loaded with the latest Apollo OS running a Full Litecoin Node
  • High Performance 64GB Samsung USB drive pre-loaded with a recent copy of the Litecoin Blockchain, so you dont need to sync the full node from scratch

Batch 1 Upgrade Kit:

  • Same as Batch 2 kit PLUS below
  • Brand new 512MB RAM MCU replacement needed to run a full node (if you return your old MCU, you will be refunded $10)

*if you have a Batch 2/3 Apollo you do not need to buy this upgrade kit if you have a spare USB drive (even an old platter based USB 2.0 drive will work if its good quality). You can simply re-flash your existing SD card with the new OS image, and setup an existing USB drive with the Litecoin Blockchain. Instructions are on our support thread linked above. The kit is only for users that do not want to do this on their own and want a plug-n-play experience.